The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack: Joe Biden Signs New Executive Order to Strengthen and Standardize Cybersecurity Reporting

Know more about the new executive order signed by President Joe Biden to strengthen and improve cybersecurity practices and standards in light of the recent string of cyberattacks on various public and private organizations in the US.

Cyber Security Risk Assessment - Cyber360 - Video Product Demonstration

Learn about Centrl's Cyber360 software platform to streamline and automate your Cyber Security Risk Assessment with customizable templates.

FTC Issues Timely Reminder on Data Security Oversight Role of Corporate Boards of Directors

Find out Federal Trade Commission's recommendations to help all directors enhance their cybersecurity oversight role.

Cyber Risk Consulting Market Forecast: 5 Factors Driving Growth

From the rise in cyber attacks to new technologies and the pandemic, here are our projections for the cyber risk consulting market.

Reducing Cyber Risk With Minimal Resources: Maximizing Efficiency for Consultants

Wondering how you can provide cost-effective cyber risk assessment services? Check out these valuable tips to reduce cyber risk with minimal resources.

Cyber360 - Cyber Security Risk Assessment Software Solution Overview

Learn about Cyber360 - Cyber Security Risk Assessment Software Solution Overview and scale your operations to serve more clients and generate more income. View or download PDF.

Resolve to Prepare for Supply Chain Cyber Attacks with Better Vendor Risk Management Practices in 2021

Recent attacks highlight importance of proactive and preventive measures to counter intrusions through your supply chain.

EisnerAmper scales its Risk Assessment Services with Cyber360

Leading advisory firm gains efficiency and delights clients by moving assessment services to the cloud interface with built-in benchmarking, scoring, and reporting

EisnerAmper scales its Risk Assessment Services with Cyber360 - Downloadable PDF

Learn how CENTRL's Cyber360 helps EisnerAmper enhance client satisfaction, gain efficiency, and increase revenue.

EXL Joins Forces with CENTRL to bring Cybersecurity solution to its Customers

Partnership enhances the foundation for smart, scalable, and sustainable one-stop-shop solutions to deliver best-in-class cyber risk assessment capabilities.

Supply Chain Risk Management: How To Identify, Prioritize and Mitigate Risks Detect Vulnerabilities With Cyber Risk Assessment Tools

Modern cyber risk assessment tool strengthens your organization’s cybersecurity profile through powerful analytics and reports that can help you gain action-oriented insights, understand risk sources, highlight risks, and monitor key indicators.

EisnerAmper Enhances Its Process, Risk, and Technology Solutions Practice with CENTRL Technology

Firm adds new client capabilities to its PRTS Assessment and Consulting Business

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