How to Build a Risk Register for Your Business

Learn how to create an effective risk register that informs and enhances your enterprise risk management program.

The Key Principles and Best Practices for Operational Risk Management

Read on to learn more about the best practices of Operational Risk Management, which may assist businesses in reducing and mitigating all risks to acceptable levels.

The Third-Party Risk Management Playbook

Read our guide to find out more about the most common third-party risks and the best practices for managing third-party risk.

How to Build a Better Vendor Risk Assessment: A Guide

Read our guide to learn how to improve the efficiency and the quality of your evaluation methodology.

Third-Party Risk Management for Financial Services: An Industry Guidebook

This financial industry guidebook are for businesses that offer financial services to maintain compliance with federal standards.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Operationalizing Third-Party Risk Management - Current Landscape, Challenges and Best Practices

Learn about the importance of operationalizing third-party risk management in this modern world and how it can help business to have protection from third party risk.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Equipping Boards to Effectively Address Australia’s Modern Slavery Act

Watch this webinar to understand how to properly engage boardrooms for MSA compliance and streamline the approval process with executive management.

Buyer's Guide to a Third-Party Risk Management Solution

Read this buyers guide to formulate a better understanding of the third-party risk management solution marketplace and understand the unique requirements for your enterprise. View or download PDF.

Vendor360 - Vendor Risk Management Software Overview - Video

Vendor360, CENTRL’s Vendor Risk Management Software, streamlines the entire process of managing the 3rd party risk lifecycle.

MSA360 - Modern Slavery Act Compliance Platform - Explainer Video

Learn more about CENTRL’s Modern Slavery Act Compliance Platform. A one-stop solution for complying with the Modern Slavery Act. MSA360 provides the necessary policy and report templates, management dashboards, and fully automated capabilities for assessing and managing risks with internal operations and suppliers.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Lessons Learned from Statements Submitted to the ABF's Online Register

Tips and take-aways from analyzing the Good and the Bad in the first batch of 250+ Statements submitted to the Australian Border Force's Online Register

Vendor360 - Third Party & Vendor Risk Management Software Solution Overview

CENTRL’s Vendor360 Third Party & Vendor Risk Management Software helps companies manage new vendor selection & onboarding, automate ongoing risk assessments, audits and monitoring, and more.

Modernizing Vendor Risk Management (VRM): Best Practices to Automate Vendor Onboarding, Due Diligence, Supply Chain Resiliency

Vendor onboarding and due diligence are crucial VRM steps. Check out the best practices to modernize and automate your VRM activities and functions.

Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) in the Manufacturing Industry: How to Identify, Assess, and Remediate Third-Party Risk Up and Down the Chain

Learn how the manufacturing industry's supply chain threats are evolving. How to identify, assess, and mitigate third-party risks to secure your manufacturing business.

Third-Party Risk Management Solutions for Software Supply Chains

Learn the features that you should consider in looking for a supply chain risk management platform for your software vendors.

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 ways Vendor360 can help you assess and mitigate third-party risks

Vendor360 is an advanced and flexible third-party risk management platform that streamlines and simplifies your vendor risk management process.

Third-Party Risk Management Challenges Facing Your Enterprise: How Automation Mitigates Vendor Risk and Empowers Business Efficiency White Paper

Read our white paper to learn how automation mitigates vendor risk and empowers business efficiency.

Identifying Third-Party Risk in Your Supply Chain: Best Practices for Vendor Due Diligence

Find out the critical steps of vendor risk due diligence. From collecting business information to assessing security and legal risks, this guide has got you covered.

Comprehensive Vendor Risk Management (VRM): How to Conduct a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Discover how to conduct a cybersecurity assessment and how it can protect your organization.

Streamline Vendor Risk and Third-Party Management - Data Sheet

CENTRL Vendor360 is a simple solution to automate the process of ongoing vendor assessments while maintaining the control of risk and oversight.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Operationalizing and Automating the Key Requirements under Australia's Modern Slavery Act (MSA)

Webinar on demand where you will learn the blueprint and foundations for building an MSA compliance program, how to quickly operationalize and automate it.

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