WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Transforming the Future of Due Diligence With AI-Powered Solutions

This AIMA hosted webinar is insightful deep dive into the transformative world of Artificial Intelligence and its future impact on Due Diligence practices. In this webinar, we showcase how GenAI is revolutionizing the Due Diligence processes with practical examples that can save you time, increase accuracy and completeness, and promote transparency throughout the due diligence process.

Strengthening Operational Resilience: How To Prepare For Australia’s Upcoming CPS 230 Regulation Revision

This white paper, prepared in partnership with ISG, is a comprehensive exploration into CPS 230, the Operational Risk Management regulation in Australia. It delves into the intricacies of compliance with CPS 230, offering insights into the challenges financial institutions face and the strategic solutions essential for adherence. This white paper offers a roadmap for financial institutions seeking a proactive approach to operational risk management in the dynamic landscape of CPS 230.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Disruption in Due Diligence: How Generative AI Will Transform the Future

This is an exploration of the future of AI in external manager oversight and due diligence. Hear how you can transform risk evaluation through the systematic and consistent application of secure risk intelligence- at a scale, speed, and accuracy not possible until now.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - The Power of Digitization: A Practical Deep Dive Into Gaining Efficiencies in Due Diligence

The future of due diligence is here, and you have a chance to be a part of it. Discover critical strategies and the latest technologies that can help you optimize your workflows, address regulatory demands, and gain a competitive edge.

(White Paper) An Allocators Guide to Revolutionizing Risk Management: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Operational Due Diligence

Explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence in our latest white paper. Learn how AI can transform your operational due diligence processes, boost efficiency, and enhance decision-making with powerful AI capabilities.

The Potential Impact of ESG on Due Diligence in Enterprise Financial Services

In this article, we discuss ESG and its implications for EFS. We also analyze the challenges around due diligence for EFS organizations and how platforms like CENTRL's DD360 and BNM360 can help.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Evolution of the DDQ: What is, What’s New, and What’s Next with the ILPA DDQ

Learn from leading practitioners and representatives from ILPA and know the advantages of leveraging technology to implement and manage changes.

A Best Practices Guide to Incorporating ESG into Due Diligence

Learn about how you can effectively incorporate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles to Due Diligence. View or download PDF.

GUIDE - Practical Guide to Developing Your Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)

Learn how to make effective Key Risk Indicators to protect your business from risks.

How to Build a Risk Register for Your Business

Learn how to create an effective risk register that informs and enhances your enterprise risk management program.

Operational Risk Management for Investments: A Guide

Learn how this guide unpacks the critical operational risks in the financial services industry and the role of ODD in ORM.

The Impact of Regulations on Investment Decisions in Operational Due Diligence

Learn how regulatory policies affect investment decisions in Operational Due Diligence and how they can help the financial services sector in the long run.

How to Conduct Effective Due Diligence: A Best Practices Guide

Download this guide to discover the importance of conducting due diligence and the critical components to achieving an efficient and effective due diligence process.

The Key Principles and Best Practices for Operational Risk Management

Read on to learn more about the best practices of Operational Risk Management, which may assist businesses in reducing and mitigating all risks to acceptable levels.

The Third-Party Risk Management Playbook

Read our guide to find out more about the most common third-party risks and the best practices for managing third-party risk.

How to Build a Better Vendor Risk Assessment: A Guide

Read our guide to learn how to improve the efficiency and the quality of your evaluation methodology.

Third-Party Risk Management for Financial Services: An Industry Guidebook

This financial industry guidebook are for businesses that offer financial services to maintain compliance with federal standards.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - How to Successfully Leverage Technology and Automation for Due Diligence: A Case Study and Conversation with Practitioners

Learn the latest advancements helping companies scale due diligence to all their investments, even with small teams.

DD360 - Operational Due Diligence Platform Overview - Video

Learn about CENTRL's multi-party operational due diligence platform and how it can help Investors and Managers provide a superior Operational Due Diligence process experience.

Build vs. Buy Guide for Risk and Due Diligence Platforms

Here, we share the process we use to help clients determine whether they should build a risk and due diligence platform in house, or purchase software.

WHITEPAPER - How to Calculate the Business Value of Vendor Risk Management Software

This guide will help you determine your return on investment (ROI) when evaluating a vendor risk management or third-party risk management software.

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