What the passage of Prop 24 (CPRA) means for your CCPA Compliance program

With the November 3 returns showing a passage of CA Prop 24, the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), we've convened this webinar to quickly walk you through just what it is, what it entails and what it means to you and your privacy compliance programs.

Watch to learn:

  • An overview on Prop 24 and the CPRA, including the new rights for consumers under law, and areas on which the new state data protection agency is and will be required to regulate
  • Timeline for the new legislation to become effective
  • Effects of the law on existing privacy programs and how to operationalize the changes
  • Other important Privacy Compliance tips and take-aways from our speakers, Chief Regulatory Counsel and Privacy Officer, and Shailesh Alawani, VP Product Management, CENTRL, who will also be live demoing our automated software solution for Privacy Compliance, Privacy360

Watch the webinar

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