Third-Party Risk Management Challenges Facing Your Enterprise: How Automation Mitigates Vendor Risk and Empowers Business Efficiency White Paper

This paper investigates the different variables driving an intricate balance between a comprehensive third-party risk management (TPRM) program and the business efficiency of a commercial enterprise supply chain. Based on research conducted across leading market research firms, including the independent surveys of supply chain, compliance, and information security (InfoSec) executives, it is clear that manual TPRM initiatives cannot keep pace with an evolving third-party risk landscape intensified by new consumer privacy legislation and digital threats.

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  • What’s driving new trends within the TPRM marketplace.
  • The delicate balance between business efficiency and third-party risk.
  • An examination of recent high-profile third-party data breaches, including SolarWinds, Equifax, and Target.
  • The core components to a comprehensive TPRM framework.
  • How to maximize return on investment through automation.

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