How to Successfully Leverage Technology and Automation for Due Diligence: A Case Study and Conversation with Practitioners

The due diligence space is evolving. Leading companies are staying ahead with the new trends, while others can be reluctant to them. Why – and what do we all need to know to best equip ourselves for what’s to come? In this webinar, we’ll discuss and share pragmatic best practices from leading due diligence practitioners' recent experiences with due diligence technology implementation.

Key takeaways:

  • What are the latest advancements helping companies scale due diligence to all their investments, even with small teams
  • What have been their experiences with deploying new technology, and considerations for those reluctant to do so
  • How to leverage automated vs. manual processes in the correct way for the right outcomes
  • Key ways to improve the experience – and response rate – for fund managers, and how to more effectively process those responses on the allocator side
  • Other tips and take-aways from our speakers, Kristin Koloniaris (Managing Director of Operational Due Diligence) and Anna Colombatti (Head of Operational Due Diligence at Architas)

Watch the webinar

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