Operationalizing Third-Party Risk Management - Current Landscape, Challenges and Best Practices

On average, companies allow 89 vendors to access their networks weekly, opening themselves up to increased risk. And third-party risk can come from any number of sources, be it vendors, other organizations, service providers, or even fourth party vendors. In an increasingly digital world it’s become more important than ever to operationalize third-party risk management.

Watch to learn:

  • The current landscape of risk management, by the numbers
  • What impact recent regulations have had
  • Key challenges we’re facing today and what we can do about them
  • Best practices to implement in your approach, and how to find a solution that works for you
  • Other tips and take-aways from our expert speakers, Janalyn Schreiber, Partner at Data Privacy & Security Advisors LLC and Shailesh Alawani, VP of Product Management at CENTRL

Watch the webinar

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