The Power of Digitization: A Practical Deep Dive Into Gaining Efficiencies in Due Diligence

In this webinar, hear industry experts share strategies and tools to enhance efficiency and productivity in due diligence. Discover how technology, automation, and data analytics can revolutionize your workflows and mitigate risks.

Panelists include:

  • Kim Baker, Portfolio Administration Lead, UNC Management Company
  • Tami Salmon, Associate General Counsel, ICI
  • Nicole Wong, Chief Compliance Officer, Mercer Funds and Mercer Trust Company
  • Scott Decker, Head of Global Investment Management Solutions, CENTRL

Watch to learn:

  • How to leverage technology for improved 3rd party compliance oversight

  • The mutual benefits of technology for both LPs and GPs in risk mitigation

  • Real-world examples of technology’s role in meeting increasing demands for data and transparency

  • An introduction to ICI’s standardized questionnaire to enhance efficiency


Watch the webinar

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