CENTRL Consultant Solutions

CENTRL Consultant Solutions

For managed services, BPO, technology, audit, and compliance consulting firms, CENTRL has a Consultant edition for your firm.

  • One login for your associates for access across multiple client setups.
  • Each client instance is distinct, with data and client information segregated.
  • Your clients can also login into their instance that you share with them.
  • Invite your clients or client’s partners & vendors when collecting information from third-parties.
  • Automate formal summary reports customized with your branding and format.
  • Use one set of assessment templates for your firm, and promote them to each of your client instances.
  • Standardized grading & scoring processes across your client base.
  • Aggregate summary status & executive dashboards.

Request a demo and overview of the CENTRL Consultant edition for your firm’s:

  • Cybersecurity practice.
  • Third Party Risk Management services.
  • GDPR Compliance & CaCPA practices.
  • Investment Due Diligence consulting.
  • Audit evidence collection processes.

Contact sales for more information about CENTRL’s consultant solutions.

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