Cookie Consent

CENTRL provides Cookie Consent through a partnership with Osano, the best-in-class cookie consent platform. With Cookie Consent, you can set up an ongoing process to detect, classify, and approve new cookies and third party scripts ensuring that your website meets privacy compliance standards.

Instant website compliance

  • Single line of code gets you up-and-running.
  • Best-in-class: Used on nearly 1 million websites, serving 2 Billion consents per month

Works in 34 Languages (approx. 80% of world’s population)

  • Supports over 30 languages out-of-the-box

  • Automatically display to user in their browser’s language

  • 40 countries and growing have visitor consent laws but each country has its own nuances about what constitutes consent. To handle seamlessly, CENTRL’s Cookie Consent automatically displays and enforces the correct consent requirement based on the geolocation of each website visitor.
  • Additionally, Cookie Consent leverages ongoing scans detect any new cookies and third party scripts, quickly reviewing and categorizing new cookies and scripts, and adds to user consent forms and dialogs.

By using CENTRL’s Cookie Consent, your organization can quickly get into compliance, adapt to privacy laws as the evolve, and instantly be localized to over 30 of the most popular languages across the globe.

Contact sales to discuss how CENTRL’s Cookie Consent can help your organization, or learn more about CENTRL’s Consent Management solutions.

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