Real Estate Due Diligence

Solutions for Real Estate Due Diligence

Performing your real estate due diligence on commercial properties (and even your service providers, such as property managers) is a time-consuming and arduous process. Most investors resort to sending Word and Excel checklists attached to emails. This ad-hoc, manual system exposes you to mistakes, inconsistencies and omissions. Even worse, your time should be spent analyzing the investment potential instead of trying to manage an inefficient real estate due diligence process.

Automating Real Estate Due Diligence

CENTRL provides an efficient, automated and affordable way to easily manage the real estate due diligence process for multiple properties. With CENTRL Assess360, you start by using a standard checklist template from our library or upload your own Excel or Word checklist. Assess360 guides you through the process to minimize the chances for a mistake (and the ramifications of the risk). Assess360 also provides status monitoring, advanced analytics and reports to keep track of current and previous due diligence requests.

A Central Real Estate Due Diligence Platform

The most unique aspect of Assess360 is that your real estate investment firm and your prospective property owner can work in the same CENTRL application. No more emails. No more lost documents. Plus, you can assign tasks within the platform to keep the real estate due diligence process moving. The result is one, cohesive set of documents (there is no cost for the third party to use Assess360).

Escape the burden of real estate due diligence doldrums so you can focus on the financial opportunity instead of an archaic system. Get more information about Assess360 or request an Assess360 demonstration.

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