CENTRL Announces Tiered & Prepackaged ODD Solutions For the Industry

Press release Zachary Jarvinen 2022-04-25

ODD Solutions

CENTRL first to offer transparent pricing for investment management teams of different sizes

Mountain View, CA

CENTRL, a leading provider of due diligence solutions for the investment management industry, today announced a suite of tailored solutions for due diligence teams across the industry. This is the first such offering designed to provide clients with an out-of-the box solution for due diligence teams of different sizes among investors, asset owners, wealth managers and consultants.

Ongoing diligence is a critical function in the investment management industry and it is primed for digitization. As advanced digital platforms become available, investment and operational teams are increasingly exploring ways to automate the manual and tedious tasks and free up time to focus on the risk and analytical parts of their work. However, a key obstacle to adoption has been the availability of easy-to-use tailored solutions that are priced and configured to the needs of different sized teams.

As a first of its kind offering, CENTRL is today announcing three packaged due diligence solutions – Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise. These packages provide a curated set of features with transparent pricing and out-of-the-box options for due diligence teams. This approach also provides clients with the flexibility to scale their usage as their needs change. Interested companies can find the detailed features and request trials here.

“Our goal has always been to provide a powerful diligence platform to our clients and one that is easy-to-use and designed to enable clients get started quickly” said Shailesh Alawani, VP of Product at CENTRL. “We have crafted these three solutions very carefully based on detailed feedback from clients and designed them to include the features, content and reporting needed between natural groupings of teams and organization sizes”.

“We are especially excited about the fact that this tiered offering provides clients the flexibility to get started on their digitization journey quickly and scale their use with no disruption as their needs change. We encourage those interested to call us or submit the form on our site so we can set up trials for them, which they can transition to their subscription once they are ready”.

Investors and managers interested in learning more about CENTRL’s DD360 can learn more here as well as find details about the new offerings here.



CENTRL is a leading third party risk and diligence platform for financial institutions worldwide. Its solutions deliver significant efficiency improvements and enhanced risk oversight to diligence teams across asset owners, securities services and investment groups. The CENTRL platform offers the most advanced and comprehensive features including deep workflow automation, analytics, reporting, collaboration, and content management. The CENTRL platform is used by some of the largest banks and investors across the Americas, Europe and APAC.

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