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Blog post CENTRL 2015-03-01

Due diligence software’s overarching goal is to minimize the time and effort spent on the due diligence process and maximize time on the analysis. Even today, many companies have their diligence process based on a hodgepodge of emails, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

A better option is due diligence software specifically designed to guide you through the process. It facilitates the sharing of questionnaires, checklists and other content. Meanwhile, you can monitor, control and report on the progress of several investments at the same time. You simplify workflow by inviting all third parties to share the same software, in the same environment, eliminating the use of multiple emails, formats and a plethora of communications, information requests and subsequent delivery of documents.

CENTRL’s DD360 solution automates the full diligence process and allows you to focus on risk insight through detailed analytics and dashboards.

Due Diligence

Benefits of CENTRL’s DD360 include:

Single platform for automating operational, third-party and regulatory diligence

  • Single platform for automating manager, third-party and regulatory (e.g. GDPR) diligence - eliminate multiple point solutions.

Use standard questionnaire templates or upload proprietary ones

  • Select from library of strategy specific templates.
  • Templates include AIMA, ILPA, Privacy (e.g. GDPR) and others.
  • Upload your templates and customize with easy-to-use options.

Automate the full diligence process

  • Schedule manager assessments with automated publishing capability.
  • Attach grading scale and automate scoring process.
  • Full assignment workflows.
  • Manage clarifications in application.

Provide managers and third-parties with automated tool to respond to questionnaires

  • Managers get access to tool, to respond to questionnaires.
  • Managers get full internal assignment workflow.
  • Detailed analytics dashboards publishing and assignment capabilities.

Track issues and manage process to remediation

  • Identify and segment issues from assessments.
  • Document issue severity, status and recommendations.
  • Publish issues to partners.
  • Manage process to resolution.

Centralize manager directory, documents, assessments and issues

  • Centralize manager data to slice and dice as needed.
  • Centralize, filter and search documents, assessments and issues.
  • Collaborate within your company and with external parties.
  • Maintain full audit trail and control access.

Reporting and analytics

  • Dashboards and reports to highlight risks and exceptions.
  • Drill down to fund and company level.
  • Run comparison and time-series analyses.

By using CENTRL’s DD360, your organization can easily perform due diligence on new partners, vendors and third-parties.

Read more about DD360, or contact sales about CENTRL’s due diligence solutions.

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