GDPR Compliance Has Just Become Easier

Blog post CENTRL 2018-06-07

Mountain View, California - June 7, 2018 — CENTRL is excited to announce the launch of its integrated privacy management application, Privacy360. Privacy360 revolutionizes the GDPR compliance process in the same way CENTRL revolutionized the diligence and third-party risk management processes. As the most advanced, enterprise-grade platform for privacy risk management and GDPR compliance, Privacy360:

  • Increases efficiency through automating the development and maintenance of an enterprise’s data inventory, segmentation of high-risk processes, management of DPIAs and risk assessments on internal and external entities.
  • Identifies and manages key regulatory gaps.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive and complex GDPR compliance platforms.
  • Creates a more efficient, accurate and affordable GDPR compliance process for enterprises and small to mid-size businesses.

“Ensuring compliance with GDPR is an urgent issue for companies not only in Europe but around the world. We have created Privacy360 to help companies address this challenge in an efficient, cost-effective and scalable way” says Shailesh Alawani, VP, Product Management. “Our goal with Privacy360 is to help our clients turn privacy management into a true competitive advantage rather than only a burden or a regulatory obligation. We look forward to working with our clients on this issue.”

An April 2018 Ponemon Institute study found only 50% of US and EU companies with more than 500 employees were ready for GDPR. In our discussions with the same sized companies, we found similar rates. Yet we found 100% of the Data Controllers or Processors we talked to were in the midst of a GDPR compliance initiative but still not quite ready for the enforcement of GDPR in May 2018. For these companies, the issue often revolved around the challenges of creating a new process using suboptimal tools like Excel or generic file sharing applications. It’s these companies who could benefit the most from Privacy360’s data inventory, assessments, risk management, breach management, reporting, and analytics capabilities, removing the need for Excel, generic file servicing, email mechanisms or expensive and inflexible platforms.

CENTRL’s commitment to help its customers with GDPR compliance goes beyond its introduction of Privacy360. CENTRL’s consulting and support teams are also fluent in GDPR compliance processes and can help companies realize their GDPR compliance goals.

For more information about Privacy360, please click here.

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