Information Security Due Diligence

From recent data breaches to increased regulation, conducting information security due diligence on your partners has become a requirement in today's changing world.

INFOGRAPHIC - 8 reasons why you should automate your ODD processes

DD360 — an automated, SaaS solution built by industry experts — boosts your operational efficiency and saves 50% of the time you spend on manual processes.

DD360 - Operational Due Diligence Platform Data Sheet

Key features of CENTRL operational due diligence solution that delivers greater efficiency and enhanced risk management. View or download PDF.

Due Diligence Software

Due diligence software's overarching goal is to minimize the time and effort spent on the due diligence process and maximize time on the analysis.

Investment Operational Due Diligence - AIMA Partnership

Automate full diligence process and allows you to focus on risk insight through detailed analytics and dashboards.

New Era in Due Diligence - Webinar

Learn from Maura Harris, Head of Due Diligence at Bostwick Capital, who has successfully transformed her third-party relationships to achieve more insightful diligence outcomes.

CENTRL and AIMA Partner to Revolutionize the Diligence Process

CENTRL, the company whose software platform is revolutionizing the due diligence process, is proud to announce its partnership with the AIMA, the global representative of the alternative investment industry.

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - AI in Diligence: Transforming Third Party Diligence in Banking - For Both Issuers & Respondents

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - The Power of Digitization: A Practical Deep Dive Into Gaining Effciencies in Due Diligence

WEBINAR ON DEMAND - Transforming the Future of Due Diligence With AI-Powered Solutions

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