Don't Trip Over What's Behind You

Scott Decker, Global Head of Investment Management Solutions at CENTRL, discusses how investment managers need to focus on high-value activities and decision making, and why the current economic climate has created an environment in which organizations need to turn to automation tools to help re-prioritize activities of their team.

Why are we still talking about data paralysis from due diligence questionnaires?

Scott Decker, Global Head of Investment Management Solutions at CENTRL, shares his thoughts on data paralysis from due diligence questionnaires, and how automation can help streamline the due diligence process.

5 Best Practices for Optimizing Data Use in Bank Network Management

Data is one of the most valuable assets a financial institution (e.g., a bank) has at its disposal. But most financial organizations struggle to make the best use of it. Read this blog to see the 5 best practices your organization should implement to optimize data use.

CENTRL and Backstop Solutions Group - Data Sheet

Snapshot of the integration between Backstop Solutions and CENTRL's DD360 Platform

Backstop Solutions and CENTRL Partner to Take the Pain Out of Manager Due Diligence for Asset Owners

New Integration Brings Speed and Efficiency to Portfolio Monitoring, Research Management, and Investment Due Diligence

Sovereign Wealth Funds Withdrawing from Russia: What You Need to Know

Explore the impact of Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) withdrawing from Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

The Connection Between Supply Chain Disruptions and Third-party Risk Management

Explore the connections between supply chain disruptions and third-party risk management.

CENTRL Adds Continuous, Real-time Cyber Risk Monitoring Powered By BlueVoyant

CENTRL partners with BlueVoyant to provide continuous monitoring and mitigation of vulnerabilities in third parties across the global Securities Services and Investment Management ecosystem.

ESG For Bank Network Management: What You Need to Know

Learn about ESG criteria, its impact on global bank network management, and how you can incorporate ESG into your due diligence practices.

Network Management – Moving Towards a Brave New World

Learn more about network management and check if network managers can be entrusted with monitoring cyber risks at their sub-custodians.

What is ESG in Risk Management?

Learn how evolving environmental, social, and corporate governance factors can impact your third-party risk management program and how you can manage them.

How to Incorporate Modern Slavery Act Requirements into Your Compliance Program

All you ever wanted to know about modern slavery acts and how to incorporate their requirements into your enterprise compliance program

Top 7 Trends for Endowments, Foundations, and Sovereign Wealth Funds Right Now

A brief look into some of the key trends that are emerging in the Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) and Endowments and Foundations (E&F) sector.

4 Crucial Reasons Why BNM Software is a Smart Investment

Learn about the four critical reasons for investing in a world-class BNM platform like BNM360 and how it can help ease the challenges of Bank Network Management.

The 10 Common Types of Third-party Risk that Every Organization Should Know About

Learn more about the third-party risks affecting your organization, and how you can manage third-party risks with Vendor 360.

How to Calculate Residual Risk

Learn more about Residual Risk, including how to calculate it and the reasons why it is important.

How to Develop a Vendor Risk Program

Find out more about Vendor Risk Management and why having an effective VRM program is important to protect companies against intrusions and incidents.

How Digitization Can Streamline Bank Network Management and Due Diligence

Here we share how digitizing your bank network management and due diligence processes can help you better monitor your network, control risk, and streamline operations.

The Buyer’s Guide for Bank Network Management Software

Learn about the Bank Network Management challenges and how having BNM Software can resolve the issues.

The Impact of Regulations on Investment Decisions in Operational Due Diligence

Learn how regulatory policies affect investment decisions in Operational Due Diligence and how they can help the financial services sector in the long run.

Guide to Operational Risk and Compliance Risk in Financial Services

Learn more about operational risk management and compliance best practices in the financial services industry.

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