PIA and DPIA Automation

Blog post CENTRL 2018-10-12

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA), including Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA), are critical for helping organizations identify real and potential compliance risks with their internal policies and external regulations. Upon completion, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mandates organizations be responsible for instituting the appropriate procedures, policies and systems necessary to protect data privacy.

Simply creating, completing and implementing a DPIA doesn’t solve the GDPR requirement for documenting the entire process and maintaining assessment records. Instead of using ad-hoc methods for completing and recording your assessments, the CENTRL GDPR platform automates the entire process, creating one (or more than one) process for all company impact assessments. The net result of implementing CENTRL’s innovative platform is a more efficient and scalable PIA process that fulfills GDPR’s recordkeeping and assessment-tracking regulations.

The CENTRL GDPR solution starts by offering you a choice to use your current impact assessment forms or use any of our standardized assessment templates. Next, CENTRL allows you to tailor your assessment workflows to your company and unique departmental processes. The platform even allows you to easily separate different questions or sections and route them to different departments without the need for emails and organizing multiple files from various contributors. Because your new impact assessment process is built on CENTRL’s single, shared platform architecture, everyone uses a single assessment file for all contributors’ content, collaboration and analysis.

But creating an efficient and standardized process is only one component of the CENTRL GDPR platform. The true power of this innovative platform is its ability to control, monitor, analyze and report on your entire company’s DPIAs. With your company’s newfound control and visibility, the CENTRL GDPR platform will alert you of potential problems, grade each assessment and, with CENTRL’s integrated artificial intelligence capabilities, you’ll gain new insights resulting in better, faster and more prudent business decisions.

Helping companies comply with GDPR regulations is only part of the CENTRL GDPR platform’s capability; it’s real value is its ability to bring efficiency, clarity and insight into the entire data privacy assessment process.

To learn more about CENTRL’s GDPR solution, click here and connect with one of CENTRL’s GDPR experts today.

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